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The task of interstate moving has been simplified to the core by the services of USA Mercosur Van Lines today. Since our inception we have been engaged in providing the best quality of services at highly affordable costs. Our aim is to connect all the states, districts, cities and counties within the USA with our network. We are progressing towards this goal by establishing the firm foundation of customer trust on our infrastructure and service architecture.

USA Mercosur Van Lines – Best of Interstate Moving Companies

Our endeavor in moving to the top of listing among the interstate moving companies is supported by our planned infrastructure.

• Large fleet of trucks and vans • Vast network of branches and franchises • State of the art communication systems • Dedicated HR for management and workforce • Large warehouses and storage units for cargo and trucks • Experienced, trained and skilled drivers • Everlasting supplies of packing materials and accessories • Automation tools & database servers • Latest cloud based apps

These are some of the features you come across at USA Mercosur Van Lines. Consistent quality and capacity improvement is one of our guiding principles. Our customer centric approach helped us create well planned service architecture.


• Professionally built website/ portal • Simplified & detailed quote request form • Instant processing and quote submission • Order processing and shipment planning • Site /cargo inspection and packing quote • Packing material and manpower planning • Packing and labeling procedures • Statutory procedures, insurance and documentation • Truck dispatch to the shipment origin • Loading and stacking • Shipment and delivery at the destination

Our specialty is in our detailing. We evaluate, calculate and analyze the entire process for the effectiveness in service quality, punctuality and safety as the core parameters. Of course there are many other parameters which make our services the best in the moving interstate shipping industry.




USA Mercosur Van Lines – Technology and Infrastructure

• Shipping Trucks: – at USA Mercosur Van Lines our shipment trucks are chosen from advanced logistics technology driven systems. Our fleet consists of small, medium and large size trucks, enclosed and flatbed trailers, step-deck trailers and vans of all sizes. Most of them have inbuilt containers. We can also provide open trucks which can be loaded with external insulated containers.

• Shipping Containers: – We use specific methods to calculate and accommodate the shipment volume. Normally the shippers consider number of bedrooms. Our system goes miles ahead by considering the individual articles packing dimensions, number of boxes & pallets etc. Hence we consider the selection of container, packing material, packing and loading team and others after cargo inspection.

• Packing Materials – We make use of the best packing materials recommended by ASTM and EPA standards. The moving boxes from USA Mercosur Van Lines are made of corrugated carton, corrugated plywood, medium and wood, wooden pallets, foam, bubble sheets, metal strips, packing tapes and vast range of accessories. We select all the materials from the trusted manufacturers. We ensure you get the best of rates for the highest quality materials.

• Workforce: – At USA Mercosur Van Lines we have deployed the most efficient workforce, who is trained, skilled and well mannered. Our team members from the front office helpdesk to the loading and unloading workforce understand your specific needs and work accordingly. We have the highest level of communication and cooperation between the entire crew at every stage of your shipment. Our approach ensures safe and timely pickup and delivery of your shipment every time you choose USA Mercosur Van Lines.

• Transit Storage: – We have a large network of storage units throughout our shipment path. We ensure the best of infrastructure, storage space and facilities, forklifts and equipment, protection and preservation and best of warehousing practices.

• Communication: – The advanced communication and mapping system at USA Mercosur Van Lines works on the efficiency of GPS, digitized trucks, satellite communication, driver logs, trucking mapping and tracking devices. You will be able to get real time input about cargo location, status of documents, invoice and all the related procedures. Automation has almost eliminated the need for extended paper works in documenting and invoicing.

USA Mercosur Van Lines – Cargo Insurance

At USA Mercosur Van Lines we provide you with the best insurance protection among the contemporary cross country moving companies. We cover natural disasters, cargo theft, collision damages, arson and fire. You can get more details from our helpdesk which works round the clock. Statutory procedures and premium calculations are simple and cost effective at USA Mercosur Van Lines.

Cargo Insurance had been one of the main concerns of our clients before they opted for our services. Today all of them are satisfied with the coverage we have provided. However, the real need for claims is very rare since our system provides the most comprehensive protection for your cargo.

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